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Speight of the Art helps to organises projects and events throughout the UK in an effort to bring the benefits of "The Arts" in all it's forms, to children of all ages and abilities.


We need your help to do this though, as funding is hard to come by in these difficult times.


Every penny we receive goes into our efforts to give kids the opportunity to express their creative abilities and hopefully make a lasting, positive difference to their lives.


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Good Hope Hospital Tunnel Artwork Unveiled

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Upcoming activities and events

After the huge success of our first Artlands Project, we've been working hard on Phase Two, this time teaming up with the fantastic Birmingham Royal Ballet. Check out our gallery to see photos from our most recent events



Speight of the Art has teamed up with Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT) to launch ‘Artlands’, an exciting joint venture to provide artistic and creative workshops at the children’s ward of the Heartlands Hospital and in local schools.

Commencing on 6 November, the workshops will bring the benefits of visual and performing arts to children of all ages during a 32 week programme. This innovative project, supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, has been developed to bring together local school children and children in hospital to take part in workshops led by professional artists on the theme of well-being.


Welcome to the new face of Speight of the Art...What you see before you is just the beginning of what will grow into one of the country's foremost resources for promoting art for children and throughout the wider community. In the coming months we will be adding a children’s section dedicated to, and run by children who want to contribute, and help us bring the Speight of the Art experience to their friends, classmates and kids everywhere.

There are big things in the pipeline this year, so we hope you will follow our efforts to enrich children's lives throughout the UK, whether they are in schools or hospitals, and whatever their mental and physical capabilities. We believe that the arts and our children are the true wealth of nations and that for the sake of all our futures we need to encourage kids to see beyond their daily lives, and to learn about their own creative capabilities.

You only have to take a look at our past events in the galleries to see the looks on their faces, the pride they take in what they have achieved, and the potential waiting to be unlocked. If you agree with us, please get in touch, and help us in any way you can.

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